Silver Sound Band
Spanish River

Mission Statement:

We, the members of the Spanish River Silver Sound Marching Band, strive to represent our school and community through continual development of pride, character, and musical and visual excellence. Through a unified mindset, we shall surpass any and every obstacle that may stand in the way of reaching our goals.

The Spanish River Silver Sound
Band and Guard Program

We are ...

Excellence... Precision... Discipline

- Meet new friends of all ages
- Earn honors credit
- Earn community service
- Represent Spanish River at school and away
- Learn life skills including leadership
- Develop better discipline & focus
- Become physically stronger
- Engage in teamwork
- Enjoy playing music for self expression & entertainment
- Colleges love to see it!
- Music enhances learning & creativity in every subject, especially in math, language and social studies
     - Itís fun!

The Spanish River Band Program consists of Concert bands (Symphonic, Jazz, Percussion, Wind Ensemble) and a Marching band and Color guard.  All members participate in both bands.  Marching season starts in August and runs through the end of the football season. The Marching Band and Guard performs at football games, pep rallies, competitions, and parades. The Concert Bands perform in the Countess de Hoernle Theatre on campus and at competitions and music festivals.
Last Updated: 10/19/13

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