Band Parents

Our Favorite Band Members!!

The Band Director works closely with the Volunteer Band Boosters to select a Band Booster Board to assist in the planning and operation of the Band Program. As the Director often repeats, “The Band does not leave the parking lot without the help of the volunteers.” From Freshman year, all Band Program parents/guardians are strongly encouraged and expected to be actively involved and volunteer in the Band Boosters as much as possible, and according to their interests and abilities. There are many opportunities to assist the Band Program, as volunteers are needed each year at virtually every step of the way, from the annual recruiting and spring Lock-in registration, to show prop building, fundraising, show preview barbeque, equipment loading, truck driving, food service, football games, trips, competitions, parades, Graduation, etc. Everyone benefits from being involved, students, parents, and the school (since more funding is available to schools with more volunteer hours). Just sign up, show up, and someone will show you what to do. Every bit helps, even occasional one- or two-hour shifts. Volunteers are always needed and appreciated. The main Band Booster Board Positions and Committees include President, Vice-President, Volunteer Coordinator, Treasurer, Secretary, Merchandise Coordinator, Events Coordinator, Fundraising Coordinator, Uniforms Coordinator, Hospitality/ Football Games Coordinators, Equipment Coordinator, and Color Guard Liaison. Board Members attend regular meetings and all parents and volunteers are encouraged to attend scheduled Band Booster Meetings.    It is awesome to witness the blossoming and growth of the Program members. Boosters participate in the Program’s and each student’s successes throughout their Band years, and they also celebrate, such as at social “debriefings” at The Ale House after football games. Everyone will want to be a part of this group of dedicated volunteers, which, like the Band Program, fosters a fun, family atmosphere, and is a place where many friendships are made.

The Spanish River High School Band Boosters is an important element of the Band/Guard Program.  It is generally comprised of parents, grandparents, and family members who volunteer in all areas as needed to ensure the continued success of the Program, its student musicians, guard, directors, and staff.  The volunteers raise and donate funds, sponsor individual students or events, volunteer at football games, chaperone trips, hem dresses and pants, feed the Band, design and construct show props, drive equipment trucks to competitions, and generally make possible all of the Program’s activities.