Color Guard is a Sport of the Arts with two seasons: Marching and Winter. Marching Season consists of being a part of the Marching Band while performing in parades, half-time football games, in the stands, and at competitions. Winter Guard is our indoor season independent of the band where we perform a new show, one different than that of Marching, and we compete state wide. Attending and placing in local competitions and regional competitions, we master the technique of spinning many colorful flags, fierce rifles, and elegant sabres all while performing and dancing to our personalized show music. Guard is a great group of friends who support each other constantly and always have fun!

Color Guard

Captain: Gina Stingeni

Co Captains: Isabelle Singer and ​Alanys Ortiz 

Kristen Saunders           Olivia Nicastro 
Rebecca Araujo               Abigail Charles
Deborah Araujo   Paulette Rabinowich
Jessica Morgenstern   Abigail Paulino
Celine Farah                         Maria Vargas
Alexis True                         Isabella Sarcia
Nileyled Valdez              Hanna Monthei
Julianna Andrade        Taylor Manochi 
Chloe Costa                       Lauren Blaney 
Sophia Tavares     Gabby Morgenstern
Megan Palmquist          Maya Tempesta
Kendria Rowe           Jonny Beres​